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League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Half Life, Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell, Unreal Tournament, Quake, Diablo 2, StarCraft, WarCraft, Blizzard, id Software, Valve, Ubisoft  – these are games and companies that inspired us to become game developers, whom we always wanted to be.

at Qiwi hackaton

The core team members of Unnyhog are:

Pavel Ignatov – CEO;

Andrei Apanasik – CTO;

Margarita Belorukova – COO.

Pavel Ignatov and Andrei Apanasik studied together in the same high school, although they didn’t know each other at that time. They met several years later while playing World of Warcraft on the American server. 🙂

Pavel started Unnyhog company when he was a student at Moscow Engineering Physics Institute. He was making games on his own, at home, inviting friends to contribute.

Unnyhog’s first game became iCube (ios version). Pavel started developing it in Winter 2010. Several months later, in May 2011, he started to work on his second game, called Watee (ios version).

Both iCube and Watee were finally released on September 26th 2011.

In 2012, Pavel offered Andrei to join his startup as an Android developer. He made all versions of Unnyhog’s site and he was responsible for porting games to Android platform.

The third Unnyhog’s game, called “LookOut – Blizzard” (ios version) was developed in the period of Spring 2012 to Summer 2012.

At the beginning of 2013, Pavel and Margarita Belorukova met each other at Game Insight company. They were both assigned to the same project (Sunshine bay) as developers. They might have known each other earlier, because they graduated from the same university (MEPhi) and even had common friends, but, in fact, they didn’t meet at that time. Only Margarita knew, that there was a certain guy, who was developing mobile games on his own. 🙂  After spending a year at Game Insight and delivering Sunshine bay to the App store, by the end of 2014, they both quit their jobs and Margarita was offered to join Unnyhog, as a client developer, to work on UnnyWorld.

Meanwhile, Andrei ported iCube to Android platform and it was released on October 2013.

During the time spent at Game Insight, Pavel decided to remake “LookOut – Blizzard”. He called that game “Dodge and Roll”. It was released in December 2013.

All three games: iCube, Watee and Dodge and Roll were downloaded 5.4M times in total.

The 1.5 year journey of UnnyWorld started in December 2014, when Pavel, Margarita and Andrei decided to participate in their first hackathon “Apps 4All” with a concept of a gesture-based MOBA game for mobile platforms. The game was nominated and won a prize in  the “the application for android x86” nomination.


During 2014, UnnyWorld also participated in 3 other hackathones: Hackday, Russian Developers cup and Games Jam. All of them were held in Moscow.

By the beginning of Autumn 2014, Unnyhog founders decided to bring the prototype of UnnyWorld and their old games to Dev Gamm conference, which was held in Minsk. Lucky for them, Dodge and Roll was nominated for one of the awards and UnnyWorld was also nominated and actually won the Chartboost’s choice award.


After the conference Unnyhog continued developing the game meanwhile searching people to join the team. 

At the beginning of Winter 2015, Unnyhog was invited by Flat6Labs business accelerator in Abu Dhabi to join their first cycle of entrepreneurs from around the world. Unnyhog was selected along with 6 other startups among 200 companies to join a 3 month acceleration program.

After graduating from Flat6Labs accelerator, Unnyhog is preparing to softlaunch UnnyWorld in Autumn 2015.

Today Unnyhog is a company with 10 team members and advisers from the gaming companies like Ubisoft Abu Dhabi (Yannick Theler – managing director) and Falafel Games (Vince Ghossoub – CEO).  We are fundraising, so join us, to see the future of crossplatform gaming.


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