Earn Money playing UnnyWorld

Twitch Commerce
Stream UnnyWorld and earn $$$ Money.

UnnyWorld will be a part of Twitch Commerce on Launch. It means that your audience will be able to make In App Purchases for UnnyWorld while you’re playing. It’s really great for you, because you are getting 5% from each sale!

Personal Promocode
Promote your code and earn even more $$$ Money.

If you have big enough audience, we can create a personal Promocode for you. When a player uses that promocode, he will get a really great deal (Much better than anything else in the Store). For each sale you will get 30% of the price! The catch is only that this deal can be used only once per user.

Just think about that OFFER. Its a Win-Win-Win deal. It’s great for you, for us and for your fans. They will be Thankful to you!

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