1st Unnyworld Tournament
The Best of the best players will meet in one Arena

We are happy to announce the first UnnyWorld tournament.

The tournament will start in the beginning of August, but if you want to participate, you need to sign up as soon as possible. We are going to track how good each player is playing during the month, and then we’ll invite only the best players. By the end of July all participants will receive an invitation, and then you’ll be able to create teams. You can play with your friends or we can help you to get the team.

“You Just Can’t Beat the Person Who Never Gives Up.”

The whole tournament will be streamed online, so that might be your moment. Our prize fund is currently 1,000,000, but it might grow up. Just imagine how many valuable items you can get on that.

1st UnnyWorld Tournament
A great chance to become the first champion ever
Great Prizes
Prize Fund is more than 1,000,000 of Gems.
One month to be ready
The tournament starts in the beginning of August
Online Streaming
The whole tournament will be streamed online
Blog & Secrets
Learn more about the team and the game history
UnnyWorld was released on Google Play in Malaysia a week ago. We received a lot of feedback from users and understood what game aspects we need to improve. So, we’ve already updated the game couple days ago, and that’s what was changed: 1. We cut the most part of the tutorial and simplified it, in order...
Greetings to everyone! Couple days ago we’ve soft launched the game in Malaysia on Android. We didn’t launch it worldwide, because we predicted some possible problems, which we would need to fix. So far, about 100 people played the game, and we’ve already decided what we need to change ASAP. Among all players, there were very...
Greetings to our readers! Today we’d like to share with you our latest news and show how we improved the graphics in the game. Plenty of pictures are coming. We often heard from players that our game is a kind of childish one. They mostly complained about the visual part of the game, so we hired new people...
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