Mort was standing right next to the warrior and looking at him. The distance between them was too big to attack unpredictably and too short to escape. It was clear that in front of him was an experienced and brave soldier. He was tall with broad shoulders and strong muscled arms. The hilt of the warrior’s...
An old heavy oak door made a long creaking noise releasing Hoorse outside into the cool night. He stopped just for a moment at a doorstep and took a look at the street, which was barely lightened with lamps. It was empty and only loud singing of cicadas was breaking the silence. The clumsy trader stepped...
The time has come to tell you about another race in UnnyWorld, called Isna. It is related to and originates from the water mages Akia. Unlike the latter creatures who use the power of life contained in water to cure others, they mastered the water flow to freeze it. That’s why everybody calls them ice...
Good day, dear friends! Today we’re telling you about one of incredible characters you will be able to pick up in our game – Yoji. He is very cute and nice, but don’t be tricked by his appearance, because he possesses an immense power of fire. This ancient power brings tremendous destruction and at the...
So what is UnnyWorld like? Unny is a far galaxy which lies on the edge of the Universe. A special source of magic energy called Aqvium makes this place extremely special. Aqvium is so powerful, that it is widely used as fuel for different machines like: elevators, furnaces and ships’ engines. Enclosed in a crystal,...
At the time of the greatest oblivion, the universe was shimmering with cold starlight obeying the silent darkness which covered every single piece of matter, But once, Arcane – the Godness – breathed life into one world among others filling it with the iridescent light of stars and quite singing of planets. In the cold...
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