Greetings, UnnyFriends! The second Tournament ended and we have new Champions! I wanted to remind you that the data we use to judge was based on the last 30 days activity, so please don’t think that it was decreased. Later we’ll add automatic feature which will remove the old data every day. Anyway, please welcome...
Greetings, UnnyFriends. As you know, recently we’ve released a Global Statistics. The Statistics accumulate all data about Arenas for the last 30 days from all servers and makes many Leaderboards. Currently we have 27 different Leaderboards and we’ll be adding more in the future. The cool thing about this Statistics is that it stores only...
Good morning, Congratulations all players, who beat us yesterday during our PvD matches. I wanted to ask all players for a favor. If you didn’t write a review to our game on Steam yet, please do so. We need to increase the amount of positive reviews, and also we really want to know your opinion,...
Hello, Today we had our first match Players vs. Developers. We wanted to say thanks to all of you, who participated – that was really cool. Besides of having fun we’ve found many small bugs and recorded them all, and also we’ve realized that we need to add some new features for such events. First...
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