Greetings to our readers! Today we’d like to share with you our latest news and show how we improved the graphics in the game. Plenty of pictures are coming. We often heard from players that our game is a kind of childish one. They mostly complained about the visual part of the game, so we hired new people...
Good morning, everyone! We are so sorry for not writing a lot recently. It’s only because we’re now very focused on the development of UnnyWorld. Anyway, we really wanted to share with you what we’ve achieved. First of all, we have combined all aspects of the game together, so now you can easily fight in Arenas, capture...
Creating ingame content for a mobile game has been always a huge challenge for an artist. Modern phones and tablets are extremely powerful, but still there are strict limits on the amount of polygon and texture’ sizes that can be used in a game. At the same time mobile display size is almost the same...
I’ve always kept saying that game developers are one of the best liers. You think you see water, fire or something else… If only you knew what is inside for real, it would definetely make you laugh. Several days ago I spoke with Matthew Bell – technical artist from Ubisoft. He told us that he...
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