#7 Revealing the mystery of UnnyWorld.

So what is UnnyWorld like?

Unny is a far galaxy which lies on the edge of the Universe. A special source of magic energy called Aqvium makes this place extremely special. Aqvium is so powerful, that it is widely used as fuel for different machines like: elevators, furnaces and ships’ engines. Enclosed in a crystal, Aqvium becomes a source of strong light and therefore it can be used in production of torches, lights and lamps. It can also change its physical properties and equally transform into all known substances.

As you can imagine, Aqvium is the life. The majority of planets based in Unny have Aqvium in their core and they literally breathe. These planets are full of grass and plants. You can meet the variety of inhabitants there. Aliens from other parts of the universe are also trying badly to get to this place.

Unny is a conglomerate of planets. It consists of so many planets, that you can’t event possibly count them. Most of the planets are very small and each, in particularly, belongs to only one person who call this place home. But there are other planets which can fit entire villages and cities. In most cases planets have a small Aqvium crystal, named Ondu. Ondu is the heart of the planet and to own a planet you need to be bounded to the crystal and the planet itself. In order to do that, you have to pass a special ritual. Touching Ondu shows whether or not you can become an owner of the planet. It is said in the legends of Unny that every Ondu is given mind and during the ritual Ondu takes a decision about the new owner.

If the person passes the ritual, he becomes bounded to the planet forever. It means that the person gets the permanent place to live and the base to evolve and protect. It’s impossible to separate the planet and the current owner. It will be always yours.


The Unny Galaxy has two major resources which are widely used. These are gold and aqvium. They are very important if you want to build or buy something special. To get these resources you need to mine them from your own planet and participate in battles against other players .


All transportation from one planet to another usually happen by ships. There are some tribes and even monsters which use drifting asteroids as a main means of transportation. But still, ships are used much more often. These ships look like the ones we got used to. They have wood basis, masts and sails, but the way they fly is different. To set off you need a lot of aqvium.

Even though the UnnyWorld is filled with engines and mechanisms it’s still pretty different from the steam punk and it looks more like an old and familiar fantasy, wrapped in the skin of planets and stars.

And of course, magic exists in our unique UnnyWorld galaxy. In fact, a lot of magic. Almost everything is connected to it. All magic abilities are increased in this galaxy and guests from other worlds who can control the magic immediately notice that now they are much more powerful and they can even learn and evolve the magic they use. There is no need in finding a reason to use magic. You will always find yourself in fighting against monsters on other players’ planets or fighting against real people on competitive arenas. It’s up to you to decide what to do next.

So, you, as a player is an alien from a world, which is far from our precious UnnyWorld. This world gathered most of races and since the old times they have been living in peace in a union. But then some information appears about a strange and mysterious galaxy. Unfortunately, it is impossible to establish a contact with it, so only the bravest of heroes decide to get there in search of adventures. You are one of them. You will be able to pick up one character you like among 2 classes of characters. The first class is the anti-mage. It consists of the warrior, archer and ninja characters.

early character sketches

The second class is the mage class. The characters from the second class represent four elements of nature: fire, water, earth and air. Each of the mage characters has 3 specializations. You will be able to change the specialization within a certain class. All these will be described in more detail later.

For now, we just introduced you the main concept of the UnnyWorld. I really hope that you will enjoy it and find something interesting to do in this world, because it’s really huge.

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