#5 Is it easy to create worlds?

At the time of the greatest oblivion, the universe was shimmering with cold starlight
obeying the silent darkness which covered every single piece of matter,
But once, Arcane – the Godness – breathed life into one world among others
filling it with the iridescent light of stars and quite singing of planets.
In the cold abyss of space, the pearl heart of a far galaxy start beating in a lively temper
The new era of awakening has come and Unny was born!

Erkuz Tiz “The legends of Unny”

It seems to be very simple to come up with a story. Create an ambience, add some characters, items, actions, give everything a name and that’s it, the new world is ready! At first glance it’s extremely simple but when you start to write down all ideas and combine them in a narrative you will be in trouble.
Suddenly you find that one character lacks incentive and motivation, and one event doesn’t fit in the overall picture, and another action looks really ridiculous. That’s the moment when the whole world becomes moldering and shaky and then it collapses like a cardbox house.


I’m recalling my first narratives written when I was younger. I can’t think of them without tears running down my face. At that time I was making the same mistake all the time. This mistake is a serious pitfall for the writing art in general. It’s lack of sense. It happens when all narrative events only describe actions. A good example could be posting on twitter but without symbol limitation. Character’s actions are not determined, happening events are only included to explain the chronology of time.

The problem described is actually very common in the Game Dev Industry when a scriptwriter is only invited on a final stage of production, and he is told to miraculously add the storyline to the almost accomplished game, being given several ideas written down on napkins. How could a person, being a prism which sifts the whole game, create something good without actually doing that? The scriptwriter has to be deeply involved during the whole game development cycle. Sooner or later a curious gamer will find interesting to read something about the storyline behind the game and he will be disappointed to know that characters’ actions lack logic and motivation and events don’t matter. This irrationality can make gamers stop playing the game.


So what do we need to create a good game? This matter is observed from the point of the scriptwriter given that the other part of the team is very productive. The game has to look accomplished like a musical composition. Everything must to be on its place including the plot. The goal of the scriptwriter is to be fully involved in the whole production stage. He also needs to know more about the technology limitations, because nobody can guarantee that a nano-particle robot which vibrates the whole rainbow spectrum colors and can change its shape every second can be physically implemented. That’s why the feedback from other teammates is crucial. It helps to realize the scenario boundaries and limitations. Some important details could be missed or a new brilliant idea might arise.

With all that said we get to the second important point – practice as much as possible and try also to work with some abstract ideas. A good scenario guy has to be able to work not only in his genre but also to be good in others. This guarantees the diversity and versatility of the scenario. The game scenario is more interesting and tricky because a gamer is an active participant of a story where the narrative is a special tool which merges the plot and the gameplay together.

According to my opinion, the most important factor which shows the professionality and helps you to become better is love to read. Only continuous reading can guarantee you that eventually you will evolve. How can an artist draw a picture without ever looking at other pictures?


Concerning UnnyWorld, the game concept initially gave me a variety of choices to create a deep and engaging universe. The main idea was to combine the science fiction with the fantasy. It is the world of “Sword and Magic” in a cosmic ambience. It was important not to cross the border where the science starts to prevail the magic aspect of the universe. It’s still familiar fantasy but wrapped in the skin of planets and stars with its unique history and a set of incredible characters. This game concept is very broad for forming new ideas and some of them I’ve already had and I hope to come up with even more in the future.

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