#32 – Global Statistics

Greetings, UnnyFriends.

As you know, recently we’ve released a Global Statistics. The Statistics accumulate all data about Arenas for the last 30 days from all servers and makes many Leaderboards. Currently we have 27 different Leaderboards and we’ll be adding more in the future.

The cool thing about this Statistics is that it stores only the latest 30 days. It means that even if you are a new player, you have all chances to beat old players.

You were asking us a lot of questions regarding the statistics, so now I’ll try to explain you the formula.

Lets take a look at the Frags Lamia sections.
G8D has 103200 scores, and let me tell you how that was calculated. If you click on the “?” to the right from “Scores” you’ll see the formula : 1000*(Kills + supports)/√(Deaths), where √ is a square root.

G8D has 515 kills, 517 supports and 100 Deaths, so if you put all those numbers in the formula, you’ll get:
Scores = 10000 * (515 + 517)/√100 = 1000*1032/10 = 103200

Initially we were thinking about the same formula, but without √. The problem with this formula is that a player with 1000 kills and 10 deaths will have the same scores as a player with 100 kills and 1 death. We wanted to make a Leaderboard which will depend mostly on a quality of the game and a little bit on it’s quantity.

Starting from this Monday, once per 2 weeks, we are going to announce winners of each Leaderboards. Winners will be rewarded with some rewards and they’ll get an achievement. The amount of times each player won this contest will be displayed in their profile page. Everything what I just described is in development, so for the first time we’ll be sending rewards with some delay, however for the next announcer we’ll implement a system, which will do that job for us automatically.

Are you ready…??

Here are the first winners:
1) Bang-bang Party: Hypno
2) Rocket Depot: Hypno
3) Turtle Season: kJIOyH

1) All: Hypno
2) Yoji: PhantasmRZ
3) Neri: Hypno
4) Isna: G8D
5) Akia: WOW
6) Lane: Masque
7) Forga: _Morte_
8) Duar: Sentry
9) Morth: Neverless
10) Lamia: Hypno

1) All: Hypno
2) Yoji: PhantasmRZ
3) Neri: Hypno
4) Isna: G8D
5) Akia: WOW
6) Lane: Masque
7) Forga: _Morte_
8) Duar: Templario
9) Morth: Sentry
10) Lamia: Hypno

1) All: GOLD
2) Players: Sentry
3) Buildings: Hypno
4) Monsters: GOLD

Good job guys. More than 100,000 Arenas were played during the last 2 weeks. Special congratulations to Hypno, he won in 9 different categories.

With the update next week we’ll introduce new Chests with very interesting drop inside. All winners, mentioned above will get 1 new Chest for each victory. Also, your name will be added to the top of the Leaderboards until the next cycle of the statistics ends.

Have a Unnyfull day, and see you in the game.

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