#31 The First tournament successfully ended

Good day everybody!

That was a great event and all of you helped us to make it happen. I hope you enjoyed the Tournament as much as we did.

You can find the Tournament results here.

Unfortunately, some people didn’t show up, but luckily for us, not many. Anyway, we had to decide fast and we were changing some teams during the Tournament. For example, in case when only 3 or less people out of 6 showed up and they weren’t from the same team – we were uniting them to play in one team, giving them an automatic victory, but making them to play for fun vs random players from the chat. Such situation happened couple of times, but in most cases participants came on time and with the whole team ready. Thank you for that, that was really important.

We’ve prepared the videos and the lists of the winners for you:

Europe server – finals

Yoji – psycroptic
Forga – Niksi
Akia – Descartes

North America – finals

Lane – SerenitySoul
Akia – Fabiote


All participants have already received in-game mails with Gems💎 for their great game, but as we said before, it’s not everything! First of all, we’ve recently introduced a new feature – badges. All players are able to set a unique badge to stand out among other players. Some badges are free, some you can only purchase, others you will get for completing the achievements, but there are some, which are totally unique. For now we have four types of such unique badges:

1 All Participants of the Tournament get this Badge:

2 Tournament winners get this Badge:

3 This Badge is for players, who are actively helping us with the game:

4 All players who were playing UnnyWorld before the Release on Steam will get this Badge, others will be able to purchase it as a part of Starter Pack:

Also, as we promised – all Champions will get a UnnyWorld T-Shirt! We’ve prepared a design, so check it out:

Please be patient, we need some time to print and send T-shirts to everyone.

If you didn’t win the Tournament, but you still want a T-Shirt, here you can download the images and you are free to print it by yourself.

It was a great weekend – thanks to everyone, in many ways exciting and fun for us and, we hope, for you too! We learnt a lot and the next Tournament is going to be bigger and massive. So, by now, you should start practicing ALOT! 😉

See you in UnnyWord, dear players, have a great time and stay tuned for upcoming news.

Your Unnyhog team.

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