#30 Tournament this week

It’s finally happening!

Many of you have been waiting for the Tournament for a long time and it’s scheduled for this weekend.

Here you can find the times for each match in Europe and North America. Remember that Round 1 for both Regions will be on September 2 (this Saturday).

Some of the users who signed up for the Tournament appeared to be players from our South American server, so we had to remove them. Don’t worry guys, the next Tournament will be happening in your region.

If any of you have any problems, and can’t make to the appointed time please let us know as soon as possible.


Here is some info for the participants.


Some of the teams have 2 games on the first day, while others just one game. It happened because we had 12 teams, so it wasn’t possible to make equal amount of matches, so we had to divide the games in stages and move teams with higher Ranks to the stage 2, while other teams have to fight in the stage 1 before getting to the stage 2.

Tournament prizes:

  1. Each participant will get 2000 Gems just for showing up on time to the first match + Tournament Badge;
  2. Victory in the stage 1: 6000 Gems;
  3. Victory in the stage 2: 10000 Gems and participation in the Semi-Finals on September 3;
  4. Victory in the Semi-Finals: 20000 Gems;
  5. Victory in the Finals: 40000 Gems + Champion Badge + UnnyWorld T-Shirt and cards signed by developers.

P.s. Just to be clear. If you win in the Finals, that means that you also have won in all previous matches, so your total prize will be 40,000+20,000+10,000+6,000+2,000 = 78,000 Gems. As there are 3 players in the team, your team gets 234,000 Gems!!!


Here you can find the schedule for the Finals.

The Tournament will be streamed on these channels:

  1. https://www.twitch.tv/unnyworld
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/unnyworld_ru


We are very happy to invite all our fans to watch and support the participants.

And, participants, you need to show up in the discord channel with the link you were provided, 5 minutes before your current match starts.


See you all soon.

Stay tuned!



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  1. Anthony Storm

    Gotta Be a blast 🙂 See you guys at the Tournamend.

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