#29 Capture The Flag

Hola, amigos!

I would love to welcome you on our new arena called Turtle Season.

Basically, it’s capture the flag arena, and your goal is to take the enemies flag and deliver it to your base to earn a score. Of course your flag must be on the base to do that. A team which gets 3 scores faster – wins. That’s simple 🙂

As we trying to keep our matches short and no one wants just to protect your flag without any attempts to attack, we came up with an idea… Your base is not fixed, your base is a Turtle, which moves towards the enemy Turtle. Both Turtles carry flags on their backs. Despite your actions, in less than 1 minute both Turtles will come very close to each other, so there will be no problems to take and deliver the flag. I wouldn’t suggest you to wait till that moment, because your opponents might take a score while you are waiting.


To be able to play in this Arena you have to upgrade your Arena Portal to level 3. Turtles will come with the new update this week. See you in Arena on Saturday, and now you have some time to practice 😉

Stay tuned!

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