#28 Tournament rules

Hello, friends!


As many of you were asking, we are posting the rules of the tournament here.

We are going to send confirmation emails this week, so please reply as soon as you get it. What you have to do is to double check the information you provided to us and write down your in-game name. It must match the name you have, and please don’t change it until the tournament ends. There will be two optional boxes for you to enter your teammates names.


In the first phase of the Tournament we are going to have Qualifying matches. The goal of this phase is to pick 16 teams for the finals. As we are going to have tournament matches on weekends, because some of you might have to work, study, etc,… Qualifying matches might take 1-2 weeks.


In the final matches we’ll have 16 teams and 4 rounds. Each round cuts the amount of teams twice. In each round a team will  have 3 matches vs another team in different Arenas.

Here is the information about the prizes each player gets if he gets to the top:

  1. Round 1 (16 teams). 5,000 Gems
  2. Round 2 (8 teams). 10,000 Gems
  3. Round 3 (4 teams). 20,000 Gems
  4. Round 4 (2 teams). 40,000 Gems
  5. Winner (1 team) 80,000 Gems

So basically if you win the tournament, you’ll get in total : 80,000+40,000+20,000+10,000+5,000 = 155,000 Gems!!

Don’t forget that there are 3 players in the team, so in total during the finals all players will get 1,200,000 Gems!


There will be a small reward for other players, who participated, but didn’t get to the finals.

We are going to Stream the tournament, and we’ll provide all links later.


Stay tuned, and talk to you soon.

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  1. Anthony Storm

    Nice Job Looking forward !

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