#27 Players vs. Developers 2

Good morning,

Congratulations all players, who beat us yesterday during our PvD matches.

I wanted to ask all players for a favor. If you didn’t write a review to our game on Steam yet, please do so. We need to increase the amount of positive reviews, and also we really want to know your opinion, so please mention in review what you like, what you don’t like and any of your suggestions.

First of all, if you missed the stream, you can watch it here:

1) North American server

2) European server

This time Margarita was streaming the game, and we hope you enjoyed it. Next week we are going to add South American servers to the list and we’ll try to have this event going at the same time on all servers, so wait for the calendar event on facebook.

As we promised, here are personal promo codes with 500 Gems  for each player, who participated in the matches:

European server players:

  1. exsi – play29we1
  2. Deniska – play29we2
  3. MerueN – play29we3
  4. Ziek – play29we4
  5. Greenlee – play29we5
  6. J3oDyA – play29we6
  7. Suvikek – play29we7
  8. redboy – play29we8

North American server players:

  1. malrboro – play29we1
  2. EoBielCrl – play29we2
  3. DiegoSlayer – play29we3
  4. teilen – play29we4
  5. kiritoGamer – play29we5
  6. MegaDragon300 – play29we6
  7. Shibaku – play29we7
  8. AlexGAMES – play29we8
  9. Debax – play29we9
  10. RifuL – play29we10

P.S. if we had forgotten someone or if something is not working, please contact us on Facebook, our forum or write a comment here.

Hopefully next time we won’t need such an article and you will get your reward instantly after the game. I hope you enjoyed this small warmup event and we hope to see you next week.

Good luck and stay tuned!

P.S You can also put a suggestion in the comments what time suits you best for such events. 

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  1. Faby Eze Gomez

    Hi, i sent a list of bugs (in spanish) to support

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