#25 Players vs. Developers 1


Today we had our first match Players vs. Developers. We wanted to say thanks to all of you, who participated – that was really cool. Besides of having fun we’ve found many small bugs and recorded them all, and also we’ve realized that we need to add some new features for such events.

First of all, if you missed the stream, you can watch it here:

1) North American server

2) European server

We started the stream on the European server, but unfortunately players weren’t very active at the time 🙁

Anyway, when we played on the North American server, it felt like your were waiting for us, so it was extremely easy to start the match. Everything went pretty smooth. Thank you guys!

As we promised, here are personal promo codes with 500 Gems  for each player, who participated in the matches:

European server players:

  1. MerueN – play23we1
  2. nicho – play23we2
  3. Roman – play23we3
  4. Destroyer – play23we4

North American server players:

  1. kiritoGamer – play23we1
  2. Shibaku – play23we2
  3. jairo – play23we3
  4. Athalwolf – play23we4
  5. JIN SOUZA – play23we5
  6. veravARA – play23we6
  7. GALLONTRICK – play23we7
  8. Wuaksuo – play23we8
  9. Adrian elias – play23we9

P.S. if we had forgotten someone or if something is not working, please contact us on Facebook, our forum or write a comment here.

As I said before, it was not only fun, but also very valuable. This is the list of things we are going to change:

  1. We’ll host such events at least once a week.
  2. We’ll add  a reward system in the game for the players, who win Developers, so you could get your reward instantly.
  3. We’ll make one time matches, so after the battle we’ll have to make a new one. This way, as many players as possible will have a chance to join the match.
  4. And of course we will fix the bugs we found during the game 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this small warmup event and we hope to see you next week.

Good luck and stay tuned!

P.S You can also put a suggestion in the comments what time suits you best for such events. 

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