#24 The First UnnyWorld Tournament

Greetings, Friends!

Please welcome to our new website. I hope you like it.

As you might noticed, we are going to have the 1st UnnyWorld tournament among our players at the beginning of August. I’m going to cover some questions your asked us about that.

How to register?
Go to our Landing Page: http://unnyworld.com
Click on Sign Up or scroll down to the submission form:

a) Choose your server Europe or America. If you don’t know it, you can find it in the Settings Window:

b) Enter your Player Id. It’s in the Settings Window as well.
c) Enter your email. We are going to use it to contact you when you are selected, so be sure to enter the correct email.

It’s a team based tournament. Your goal is to find a team of 3 people and practice to play as a team. If you don’t have a team, you can sign up alone and we’ll connect you with other single players. One more thing : there will be a new rule in the game very soon, which doesn’t let you to play with the same heroes in the group. So keep that in mind while you are practicing.

Before the tournament starts we’ll send emails to all each participants, where you’ll have to confirm your participation and tell us with whom you want to play in one team. (Solo or 2 players are also fine)

We are still working on the exact rules for the tournament, so we’ll be able to announce them later. The rules really depend on the amount of participant we get. For now I can only guarantee you that each team will get an opportunity to play on both Arenas we have right now and it won’t be random. As an example of rules, you might think about a football championship.

For now our Price budget is 1,000,000 Gems, but it might grow with more players signed up. Every participant will get a minimum reward, however the higher a players gets in the tournament the better price he gets.

We’ll make special Achievements, which can be earned only in this Tournament and there will be no other way to get them later. As you might know, we’ll add a new feature in the game soon, where each player will be able to choose a unique Icon to stand near his name. Tournament Icons will only be available for players who participate in Tournament and will be a part of the reward.

Those are some example of the icons I’m talking about (It’s not yet in the game) :

Live Streaming
We are going to steam the whole tournament live on Twitch and maybe other media. If you play very good, you might become a new eSports Star. Follow us on Twitch beforehand.

Good Luck with the Tournament. We are looking forward to meet you there.
Let’s Rock The World together!

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