#23 UnnyWorld on Gameroom

Greetings, Friends!

We are happy to announce you that we are ready to start the next beta test of UnnyWorld.
If you haven’t played the game for a while, you will be surprised how radically it changed.

Lets start with the Planet.
This is how it looks like:


Different planet skins

And yes, you can buy skins from now on 🙂

The planet became smaller, but much more cute. It’s much easier to build new constructions, and it’s hard to get lost on the planet. We came to this solution after tons of feedback from you, so I hope you’ll like it.

The biggest changes were made are in the spell and PvP systems.
We’ve moved our game closer to eSports and fair battles by removing levels from the game and radically changing all spells. When you buy a new character, you instantly get 5 spells for him, so you can start playing with advanced players right away.


Character’s talent tree

There is a talent tree for each character, and let me tell you how it works. There are mostly 2 types of talents you can learn. The first one gives you a new spell, however each character can only poses 5 different spells at the same time, so if you want to use the new spell you’ll have to exchange it for one of your current spells. The second type improves one of your current spells. It can increase it’s duration, damage or any other parameters, but all those improvements are tiny. It will give you an advantage in the battle rather then victory.

We are introducing the new type of resources. We call them stones. You can get stones from chests, which you earn fighting in Arena and Planet battles.


When a fireball goes through the wall..magic happens

As I mentioned before, all spells where changed as well. Some spells take time to cast, some spells can interfere with others. For example if you make a FireWall and then shoot with a FireBall over the FireWall, then your FireBall will be tripled. There are many of such examples hidden in the game, but I’m not going to tell you all of them, so you should practice your magic and find those secrets by yourself.

It was very hard to balance all the characters we used to have at once, so we temporary left in the game only 3 main characters : Yoji, Akia and Mort. Anyway, you shouldn’t worry, all characters are much more interesting now to evolve, and others are coming back soon.

The last thing that was changed is the Planet invasions.
You can hire an army, which will go with you, as well as an army, which will protect your town. This part of the game is still in development. Very soon you will be able to add some towers and traps to protect your Planet, and also, you will be able to appoint a character as a guard.

I’ve covered only major changes, but of course we also have tons of minor changes in all aspects of the game. We are always listening to our players, and our goal is to create one of the best game. The best way to reach us is to write us on the forum or on our Facebook page.

If you want to play UnnyWorld on PC, follow this link, otherwise you need to sign up for beta.

Lets build UnnyWorld together!

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