#21 The first week of launch

UnnyWorld was released on Google Play in Malaysia a week ago. We received a lot of feedback from users and understood what game aspects we need to improve.

So, we’ve already updated the game couple days ago, and that’s what was changed:

1. We cut the most part of the tutorial and simplified it, in order to shorten the way to the first arena. Of course, it’s extremely hard to predict what people will like and that’s why we would be extremely happy to hear a few words from you about the game.

2. When you go to fight in arenas, you are rated either you win or lose. We decided to change the way PvP rating system works. Now you will get the rating you deserve, so you have a clear goal to work on.

3. Now you’ll be able to create and join guilds. Each guild has a private chat and possibility to compete with other guilds (who gets a higher position in leaderboards).

4. Characters fixes:
– Water Shield used to make the water mage – Akia invulnerable;
– Lightning spell of the electric mage – Neri used to damage twice

5. The second PvP arena (Icetron) was added. To fight in the arena you need to upgrade your Arena portal to level 2.

Last but not least:  we’ve just launched the company’s forum where you can talk to us freely.

Also, we are going to send emails to all who signed up for the beta access very soon with instructions on how to get UnnyWorld.

Join us and stay tuned.

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