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Greetings to everyone!

Couple days ago we’ve soft launched the game in Malaysia on Android. We didn’t launch it worldwide, because we predicted some possible problems, which we would need to fix. So far, about 100 people played the game, and we’ve already decided what we need to change ASAP.

Among all players, there were very dedicated ones, who overcame bugs, completed the tutorial and fought several times in the pvp arena. Thanks to them, we got a lot of data, which we are using to adjust the gameplay and prepare the upcoming update.

To soft-launch the game we had to remove some features, and temporary disable several game aspects. Anyway, 6 characters are available to pick up. Each of them can be upgraded to the 7th level and the max level of the planet is 3. You can’t attack other planets yet, but you’re able to fight with other players in the pvp arenas.

We are very close to give an access to everybody, and pretty soon we’re going to invite all our subscribers to the beta test.

So, follow our blog and stay tuned 😉

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