#2 The beginning

Good morning! Glad to see you among our readers.

My name is Pavel Ignatov. I’m going to share with you a small story about the idea of the game behind the screen.

A lot of people dream about creating their own MMO game. But people who dare to start developing such game either professionals or total newbies. In the first case people know what they are doing, meanwhile in the second case they just don’t realize how hard it’s going to be. I was developing my own MMO game when I was studying at high school. As a result there was nothing even close to an accomplished game. Anyway, I don’t regret about that. I got tons of experience, but for the next several years I wasn’t even thinking about huge projects. I was focused on short games only.


During 2011 when we were developing the Unnyhog’s first games: iCube and Watee, my friend Ivan (our 3d artist) and I came up with an idea of the dynamic game with a gesture control system. The ultimate goal was to convey the competitive spirit from PC platform to the mobile. We were mostly inspired by games like Half-Life, Counter strike, Unreal Tournament and Quake. The pace of those games were extremely fast and dynamic so we couldn’t stop playing them.
Having the idea of the game in mind we thought that finger gestures would be a great substitution to the keyboard for a fast-paced game on mobile. Now you can be fully focused on what’s happening to your character in the game. So we’ve removed all buttons from the screen, except virtual joystick and different menu buttons. For in-game control you have only finger gestures like: taps, swipes, double taps, different symbols. Everything is very simple, intuitive and catchy. You will be able to realize that pretty soon. Despite the fact that we liked this idea, we decided to postpone the project.


A year later we found one talented artist. He shared with us his old art work. It was a space rocket placed on a tiny planet. He suggested making a runner game using that artwork setting. The goal was to control your rocket and escape from the planet. It’s funny how people look differently at the same things. I didn’t see the runner game on that picture, but I had got a brilliant idea of the world inhabited with millions of tiny planets. Where each user will get his own tiny Planet and a character to evolve. Even though all team members liked the idea of the game and we discussed it a lot, we still decided to postpone it due to the technical challenges and difficulties we had to encounter.

Two years later we finally got enough experience, so we decided to uncover our old idea. At the same time we were invited to the Hackaton event held by Apps4All. The goal of that event was to implement any of you ideas in 24 hours and show it to the audience and the jury. We decided to go there and work on a prototype of our game to prove the assumption that the control system will be as convenient as we though. We used Unity3d engine to create just one scene, basic multiplayer and implemented a module to recognize several gestures. First version was buggy in a lot of ways, but it was still dynamic and funny enough to play and to test our assumption. We were rewarded by the jury and finally realized that the game has huge potential.

So we quit our permanent jobs, started to search for other team members on the Internet and what we have now is several talented people fully responsible and confident in what they are doing, an alpha version of the game which has been dramatically improved in one year of development.
And now we are planning to launch a closed beta test of our game among our subscribers pretty soon, so hurry up to become a family member of our community. Thank you for time.

  1. Great read! Never heard a personal story like that from a dev 🙂

    1. Margarita Belorukova

      Thanks for the comment! We are going to share even more stories in next weeks 🙂

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