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Greetings to our readers!
Today we’d like to share with you our latest news and show how we improved the graphics in the game. Plenty of pictures are coming.

We often heard from players that our game is a kind of childish one. They mostly complained about the visual part of the game, so we hired new people a month ago, and our new teammates did a great job concerning the visual part of the game in just one month.

It all began from a task for one of the candidates – he drew the following picture:


Planetary terrain concept

All our team was impressed, so we hired that guy the same day. I’m sure you like the picture too. This is still our fantasy world with the same characters and planetary buildings, but it certainly looks much cooler.

All colors match perfectly, and objects like buildings and stones are more dangerous than they used to be. Earlier they were round and safe like corners in a child’s room, and now they look more sharp and dangerous, just take a closer look at the next picture.

AllModels.unity - UnnyWorld - iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad  2016-01-15 18-50-44

New 3d models of the planetary buildings

As you can see, we’ve already prepared a bunch of new assets for you to settle down on a planet.

AllModels.unity - UnnyWorld - iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad  2016-01-15 18-49-54

New 3d models of the planetary buildings – the top view

By the way, this is how your new home looks like now:

planetScene.unity - UnnyWorld - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone  2016-01-17 13-53-00

Your own planet

And that’s how the fighting arenas are going to change:


Current arenas’ models on the left. New arenas’ concepts on the right

We are almost ready to launch UnnyWorld in one of the countries and we’ll do the best to accomplish all preparations and launch the game globally on as many different types of devices as possible.

Despite the fact, that our game is not available yet, we encourage you to share with us your opinion about current updates (by leaving a comment) and sign up for the closed beta test on the game’s official website.

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