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Good morning, everyone! We are so sorry for not writing a lot recently. It’s only because we’re now very focused on the development of UnnyWorld.

Anyway, we really wanted to share with you what we’ve achieved. First of all, we have combined all aspects of the game together, so now you can easily fight in Arenas, capture Dungeons and come back to your Planet. You can also visit other players and even attack them. With all that said It’s time for some cool pictures and videos!

Lets start with the Arenas, where you will spend the majority of time soon.  These Arenas are: “Capture the flag” and “Control the territory”.

"Control the territory" Arena

“Control the territory” Arena

Of course, we still have a big list of improvements (like animations, models and sounds) that we’re planning to add; to ultimately enhance your gaming experience.

"Capture the flag" Arena

“Capture the flag” Arena

We’ve also added new animations for defensive buildings. The Mortar looks much more dangerous than it used to and the Frost tower now attacks opponents with deadly freezing beam. You can also notice that we’ve added the destruction animation for all buildings. Look at this short video, which shows you how epic even small battles can be.

We’re curently working on the Item system as well and we’ve already added a bunch of weapons. 2 PVP and 3 PVE sets and several common items will be available by the Softlaunch. Of course you’ll have to fight a lot in order to get all these things.


In our previous posts we told you that there is no such thing like ordinary experience in our game. Instead of it, players will have to collect souls from enemies, and later use them to learn new skills and talents. The stronger your opponent, the more souls you will get.

As you can see we’ve made huge progress in the development, but there is still some work to be done and, of course, we’re trying to make everything as good as possible, delivering the game on time. So, don’t forget about us!

That’s all for today. Please, support UnnyWorld by spreading a word in social networks and subscribe to the beta. It’s closer than you might think 😉

P.S. We’ll try to share our progress with you more often.

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