#16 Heroes of UnnyWorld: the fearless warrior Duar

Mort was standing right next to the warrior and looking at him. The distance between them was too big to attack unpredictably and too short to escape. It was clear that in front of him was an experienced and brave soldier. He was tall with broad shoulders and strong muscled arms. The hilt of the warrior’s sword was battered and the cold dawn light showed scratches on his coarse leather armor. Nothing but keen interest was in his piercing eyes. The assassin noticed a coat of arms on the lion’s shield – well-known etching. It was Rendory – a warrior from the Emperor’s private guard.   


“You picked up a worthy rival, Mort” – said Duar, pointing at the dead body lying on the nearby road. “That person traded lives in exchange for treasure! He fully paid for his sins, “- replied the ninja.  “It’s better for you not to stand in my way.  Since when did royal soldiers start protecting pirates?” Duar grinned: “It’s not about pirates or their allies. It’s about killers, like you, who scour at night and execute other creatures. That trader was about to be accused and given a life sentence, but you think that you are above the law. Of course, I understand, you believe in ancient scrawls of a dead goddess!” Mort’s eyes sparkled with anger and he produced a low guttural growl: “You will pay for your words.”

Two more assassins approached the scene and surrounded the lion. The warrior took the sword out of a scabbard and firmly squeezed the shield’s grip. The killers attacked him simultaneously from all sides… The battle lasted only few minutes and, unfortunately, Duar was deadly injured by assassins’ blades. Two wounded Morts tried to attack the lion again, but suddenly Duar’s allies joined the battlefield. Having noticed them, the ninjas retreated. The lion fell on the ground and one of his allies grabbed him, meanwhile others tried to chase the shadow warriors…

Akia turned around, when Duar stepped into the room being held by other lions. She knew that he never let anybody help him, even in his worst days. Their eyes met. She was looking at him with unforgettable reproach…


Today, I want to reveal you a story of the Duar race. Duars are melee warriors who prefer face to face battles. A sword and shield are their favorite weapons. They live in clans,  glorifying and obeying the Emperor, considering the royal dynasty as sacred and untouchable. A long time ago Duar clans were clashing in order to become closer to the Palace, but eventually, they united and since then all other nations recognized their militant spirit. During the whole history of this race they participated in almost all significant wars and battles. The great Emperor has a special force, called Rendory. It a personal guard of his majesty. Besides guarding, Rendory is responsible for keeping the order and executing special requests. In general, Duars are unpretentious creatures. They tend to live a practical life, keeping only crucial items in their houses. Warriors are usually hired as guardians by nomad traders, so it’s common to meet some of them in the farthest and darkest corners of the universe. Initially, they traveled to UnnyWorld to observe and collect precise and reliable data about this unknown galaxy.


Duar – is a combination of two standard classes – a warrior and tank. Because of his protection skills, he is able to stand incoming damage, but he is also so powerful, that he can overwhelm anybody in a face to face battle. One Duar warrior is able to deal with several attackers while other guys from his team can damage opponents from an opposite side. In case of serious danger, he covers himself with the shield. He also has a set of control skills to slow down and stun enemies. All these abilities make him a great initiator of PvP and PvE battles. The lack of long range spells is completely compensated by the short range skills, which make him literally a king.

If you dare to control a fearless lion, sign up for the beta test of UnnyWorld and try out his abilities in a real battle! Next time we’re going to tell you about a fragile water creature. She is an essential part of any team of heroes. This girl is always ready to help you out on your demand. See you!

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