#15 Heroes of UnnyWorld: the sword master Mort

An old heavy oak door made a long creaking noise releasing Hoorse outside into the cool night. He stopped just for a moment at a doorstep and took a look at the street, which was barely lightened with lamps. It was empty and only loud singing of cicadas was breaking the silence. The clumsy trader stepped over the doorstep and a sack full of gold made muted sound somewhere deep in his clothing. The door slammed with the same creaking noise, revealing carved arcane pirate symbols on its surface. Having left another closed deal and an eliminated competitor, the night visitor moved towards the wharf to his spaceship. It was about to leave this planet. A pair of glowing eyes was watching everything from the rooftop.


Hoorse was halfway to the wharf, walking along a high wall of a market square and wild thickets, when he noticed the whispering. Somebody called his name. The trader flinched and quickened the pace, hoping he didn’t hear anything. Then, the voice whispered again. This time from the opposite side. Hoorse immediately turned his head, but couldn’t see anybody. The sound of the trader’s wooden sandals was rebounding like an echo from the market wall. The whisper repeated.  Desperately looking around, Hoorse saw no one. Although he clearly felt the presence of another person. Ragged rhythm of clumsy steps was spreading across the night street. Somebody continued whispering, making him even more frightened, but suddenly stopped. The trader froze unexpectedly.  He heard the noise from behind and turned around impetuously… Nobody was there. Before he realized what happened and released scream of terror and pain; two sharp blades had pierced his back.

“Never look back, the pirates’ ally,” – said the voice from Hoorse’s back.  The trader couldn’t hear those words. His limp body fell on the floor at the assassin’s feet when the killer put the knifes in a scabbard. The sack dropped on the floor and  a couple of coins rolled away… “Unna, the mother of night and the order, take this sacrifice for the sake of Balance and Order. The contract is executed.” Mort turned away from the body, stepped over the treasures and was about to disappear in the darkness, when his path was blocked by a tremendous torso of a warrior. Duar was looking at him with a smile on a face…


So, we’re going to talk about Mort today. It’s another race we have in our game and those who belong to this race are known to be stealthy fighters. Shadow people, ninjas, assassins, children of Unna – these are names others have given to them. Ninja warriors are mostly slim, which allows them to move in a graceful manner and unpredictably attack victims from behind. They are smart, cautious and cold-blooded. In any situation they always look for an elegant solution, thinking in advance a lot before taking a real action.

Now, I want to share with you some of Morts’ traditions. What their life was like before they appeared in UnnyWorld. Assassins prefer to live in a private community and rarely let in other creatures to diverse their blood. It is a religious race. The goddess of night and order – Unna gave them the Law to follow. A variety of mysterious rituals eventually integrated into their life, starting from taking food or executing the most reliable contract. A contract  is a sacred agreement, which is more valuable than a single life. It doesn’t matter whether it is an oral or a written agreement. There is a saying: “the Mort’s word is heavier than a royal stamp.”  Reputation and honor are the most important things for ninjas, that’s the reason why all contracts with the shadow people are legitimate and executed with no exceptions. Assassins prefer to stay away from barbarians and corsairs, but you can still meet traitors who turned into pirates.


The children of Unna usually build huge corporate networks. This is the way they contribute to the trading system between all known planets in the universe and beyond. Their ships, laden with enormous amount of loot are almost always attacked by pirates’ ships. Officially, Morts provide a wide ranges of legal services like participating as intermediaries and guarantors in deals, transporting goods and etc. They are very talented in negotiations, so even royal families are seeking for advisors among Morts. In a real situation, Morts don’t shun killing other creatures and spying in exchange for valuable gifts.

ninja 3d model

A lot of pirates and scouts among Morts set out for UnnyWorld. They were unable to gather and settle down in private communities, so they had to mix with other creatures. UnnyWorld became a place where assassins definitely need special abilities they possess. The shadow fighters are melee warriors. They prefer to concentrate on one target and damage it dramatically in a short period of time. Morts have an ability to become invisible for enemies, it is called “the shadow master. Any kind of an attack used by a ninja or an area spell casted by an enemy will reveal the ninja to others. Picking up Mort at the beginning of the game, you should take your time carefully considering the current target and the moment of the attack. It’s better to run forward leaving the line of assaulters from behind and kill a healer from another team as fast as possible. It will decrease enemies’ chances to win. It is insane to attack the closest enemies (definitely not the best tactics for assassins). In most cases a ninja loses in a face to face fight against a Duar warrior.  Ninjas also don’t have special abilities to freely avoid unpredictable battles, but they learnt a variety of powerful and deadly spells which make them formidable enemies.

ninja in action

Thanks for reading and being with us. The next article will be devoted to a strong warrior, whom we call Duar. Leave a comment to share your opinion about what we are writing for you.

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