#13 Heroes of UnnyWorld: the ice mage Isna

The time has come to tell you about another race in UnnyWorld, called Isna. It is related to and originates from the water mages Akia.

Unlike the latter creatures who use the power of life contained in water to cure others, they mastered the water flow to freeze it. That’s why everybody calls them ice mages.

The story tells us about the first magician who learnt the water transformation.


It was a day of the greatest grief. He watched his family dying on a spaceship destroyed by fire from a pirate frigate. At that very moment the man’s heart stopped. The water flowing out of his hands freezed in a sharp deadly weapon. He aimed the spell at the enemies and… in a matter of seconds they scattered into thousands of small pieces. The mage stood still in the center of vortex of snow and ice. That’s how the first Isna appeared. He was unable to breathe the taste of life in his soul again, so he created a new order, changing old laws and teaching future generations the new ice magic.


As you can imagine, Isna abilities increase in UnnyWorld as well as other abilities, but the ice magic itself is a sort of powerful and destructive weapon. Even if the ice magicians fight on their own they are still dangerous. There is no need to ask why there are so many pirates among them. Comparing to other characters, we would say that mages from the water race lose in terms of damage and survival skills. The most valuable spells they have target to slow down and stun enemies. It’s the reason why you should team up with a creature who knows freezing water.


Isna as well as Yoji are poorly protected from incoming damage. If the fire mages can speed up to escape the accident assault, the ice magicians fight applying a thin ice shield for several seconds. The only advice we can give you in this case is to stay closer to your teammates in a battle.

That’s all for now! Pick up the ice mage if you want to be helpful to your teammates in terms of casting negative effects on enemies, meanwhile being able to damage seriously.

If it’s not what you wanted, take a closer look at our previous article about the fire mage Yoji or wait until the next week. We are going to tell you about our secret character, called Mort.

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