#12 Heroes of UnnyWorld: the fire mage Yoji.

Good day, dear friends! Today we’re telling you about one of incredible characters you will be able to pick up in our game – Yoji. He is very cute and nice, but don’t be tricked by his appearance, because he possesses an immense power of fire. This ancient power brings tremendous destruction and at the same time it’s used by fragile magician as reliable shield.fire character

Yojis prefer to live on top of wide trees and spend most of the time in comfort. This race likes settled existence, but somehow they also go in for adventures. And of course, the fire magic is what protects them during long journeys. Even though the Yoji race control the destructive element, they are still very friendly. They mainly use fire in the daily life, though a lot of inhabitants of UnnyWorld are familiar with stories about pirates among fire characters who burned enemies’ spaceships to ashes.


But how did it happen that these creatures got this extreme power? One thinks that it was a day when supernova appeared in the sky, making that day the brightest one. After this had happened, the star energy were conveyed to the small creatures looking at that miracle. Others believe that the fire spirit was subdued by their kindness and heartiness. One thing everybody agreed upon is that Yojis are excellent in the way they control the fire magic.


Most of their enemies think that they are very easy to defeat because of their size. But these tiny creatures can sweep them with no problems. Fire magicians don’t have any spells to disarm or stun other characters. What they can do is to slow them down for several seconds. All Yojis abilities target to make damage and kill either one or several players. In case of any danger they run very fast. If you hide behind the stone, don’t think that you are safe. Think twice before doing that. If you want to kill a wounded Yoji, don’t even try it! He will start lighting himself and if you approach closely, you can be killed.

But even having furious fire spells, fire magicians can still meet enemies that have no problems in dodging their attacks. Thats why if you pick up Yoji and decide to go to the Arena, you need to team up with somebody who can freeze. This can be the ice mage Isna for sure. We won’t tell you anything about her in this article but be ready to hear more and check out nice sketches in the next one 🙂


Anyway, be careful if you pick up the fire guy. Good thing that he can speed up for several seconds, but he still wears only light armor and he isn’t so good at survival. Thats why you need to stay as far as possible from other characters like Morts. As you remember Morts are ninjas, they use melee attack mostly, therefore they are deadly enemies of the fire race. We will speak about them sometime.

You will definitely like the fire mage if you adore funny and fluffy creatures and damaging is your favorite tactics. If it’s not, we have a variety of other characters. We are pretty sure you’ll find someone appropriate, just take a closer look 😉

characters together_small

Thanks for being with us today, next time we will tell you a little bit of a story behind Isna character. She is a cold ice mage and that’s all for now. See you next week!

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