#11 Gameplay – part 2.

Howdy! Today, as we promised you, we continue telling you about our incredible cross-platform MMO game. We’re also talking about dungeons, guilds, ratings and chats.

So, it’s obvious that all MMO games are meant to be social and viral. Our game isn’t an exception. For all players we implemented a global chat (divided by countries), a guild chat and a private chat which allows you to send direct messages to your friends in the game. There is only one thing that we’re missing. It’s an arena chat, but we decided to exclude it, because having a huge experience in playing such games like Dota2 and LoL, we have a strong feeling that the arena chat brings the destructive effect to conversations with peers. We’re also considering mobile devices as one of our major target platforms, so we understand that chatting on a mobile device within the battle isn’t a good idea. It’s inconvenient as well. So, instead of chatting on the arena, you’ll be able to send special hints to navigate your team.


All battles on arenas and other planets will be recorded. For you it means that after participating in a battle you will be able to watch and share the video with people.

Now, lets talk about “Guilds”, although we haven’t decided yet how we are going to call them: “unions”, “guilds”, “clans” or whatever… If you have interesting options, leave them as comments to this article. You, as a player, will be able to create a guild, starting from a certain level. And of course it will cost you some gold coins:). Having created a guild, you will be able to invite your friends to join you. If you just want to find an appropriate guild for yourself, you will be able to use search and find the best possible one.

We’ve designed and implemented a separate rating and level system for guilds. With the growth of the guild rating and the level, your avatar starts getting more “passive benefits”. To evolve the guild you have to attend as many battles on arenas as possible, fight on neutral planets and attain guild achievements. If you attend the arenas with your guild mates, you’ll get much more experience.

For those who don’t like PVP battles, we implemented PVE part. You’ll find thousands of neutral planets with dungeons in UnnyWorld. Their surfaces and underground passages of dungeons are inhabited of menacing monsters and their leaders. Of course, you’ll be able to slice creatures on some of the planets, but in most cases you will need to unite with other players to fight against monsters. Those places will be the most interesting part, where you can find valuable prizes and items for your character. UnnyWorld mechanics allows us to add new features in the dungeon gameplay very easily. Imagine dodging obstacles, puzzle solving, while fighting the boss in the dungeon at the same time!



For a balanced gameplay and to evolve your character effectively, in the ideal case you will need to combine the raids to the arenas with the invasions to the neutral planets. The latter will allow you to get powerful weapon which can be used on arenas.

I hope you are looking forward to the release of our game, meanwhile we’re developing it every day. See you soon in the dungeon where we will try together to defeat Stallax!

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