#10 Gameplay – part 1.

Good morning, dear gamers! It’s finally the time to tell you more about the gameplay of UnnyWorld. At the beginning you will be able to pick up one of five characters, depending on what you like most: magic or anti-mage heroes. Magic characters can control one specific element among four we have, they are: fire, water, earth and air.

characters together_small

All characters have three possible ways to evolve. Each way is totally different from others: it will change all your abilities, the way how you play, and even how your character looks like.

Anti-mage, for instance, can become a fast Ninja, agile Archer or a strong Warrior. Fire mage can continue mastering his fire skills, or start following the path of electricity. In the last case, however, he needs to be careful. If he overdoes, he can end up in a totally different way. What it is, we will keep that a secret for a while…

You will be able to change your path before reaching level 6. We want you to be sure in your choice. However, as soon as you reach level 6, you will have to make a final decision, which is irreversible. Good news is that, later, you will be able to learn a second specialization and make a switch whenever you want.

According to our scenario the space ship of your character crashes on an unknown planet. Your first tasks are all about exploration of this new and mysterious place. The planet and the character eventually become bounded to each other, so you’ll evolve them together. For evolving you need to capture mines, which are scattered all over the planet. To capture a mine you’ll physically go inside and defeat powerful monsters. As soon as you capture the mine, it will start giving you valuable resources. These resources will be used to build different constructions on the planet. Most of the constructions are designed to protect your planet from other players. You don’t want other players to steal your resources, right?:) Monosnap+2015-05-25+11-49-46

On a certain level you will be able to build one amazing construction, which is called the “Arena Portal”. With that building you will be able to participate in different competitions with other players. Arenas are the flying islands, isolated from other world. Each of them has it’s own rules: “capture the flag”, “control the territory”, “assault” and etc.

arena portal in the game

On arenas players will be divided into two teams from 3 up to 5 people in each. You can sign up for a battle alone or with your friends. The team of winners will get more experience and rating points. You will compete with other real players, so it’s still exciting even to play on the same arena several times.

Playing on arenas will bring experience to your avatar and awards, which you can exchange for better equipment. With each new level your character will learn new spells and abilities, and become stronger. Of course there are also a lot of different achievements in the game, especially on arenas.

The goal of the game is not only to compete on arenas. It’s very important to take care of your planet, because there are a lot of other players who want to steal your resources. To protect your planet you can build different towers, magic walls and hire monsters. You can attack other planets as well. Along with that, if you were attacked, you can avenge for that. The fighting for planets is not only about resources. Each player will get special “Crowns” for defeating other players. The more powerful a player, the more crowns he has.

You will be balancing between game economics, competitions on arenas and planet attacks.

That’s all for now. Next time I’m going to talk about dungeons and guilds. What is hidden inside dungeons? Where are these dungeons located? How creating a guild can help you in growing your character? Find out answers and even more info in the upcoming article “Gameplay – part 2” next week, staying inspired by future adventures in a fantasy UnnyWorld 🙂

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