1st Unnyworld Tournament
The Best of the best players will meet in one Arena

We are happy to announce the first UnnyWorld tournament.

Submissions for the tournament are closed now! The tournament will be held on September 2 and September 3. Don’t miss the event.

“You Just Can’t Beat the Person Who Never Gives Up.”

The whole tournament will be streamed online, so that might be your moment. Our prize fund is currently 1,000,000, but it might grow up. Just imagine how many valuable items you can get on that.

1st UnnyWorld Tournament
A great chance to become the first champion ever
Great Prizes
Prize Fund is more than 1,000,000 of Gems.
One month to be ready
The tournament starts in the beginning of September
Online Streaming
The whole tournament will be streamed online
Blog & Secrets
Learn more about the team and the game history
Good day everybody! That was a great event and all of you helped us to make it happen. I hope you enjoyed the Tournament as much as we did. You can find the Tournament results here. Unfortunately, some people didn’t show up, but luckily for us, not many. Anyway, we had to decide fast and we...
It’s finally happening! Many of you have been waiting for the Tournament for a long time and it’s scheduled for this weekend. Here you can find the times for each match in Europe and North America. Remember that Round 1 for both Regions will be on September 2 (this Saturday). Some of the users who...
Hola, amigos! I would love to welcome you on our new arena called Turtle Season. Basically, it’s capture the flag arena, and your goal is to take the enemies flag and deliver it to your base to earn a score. Of course your flag must be on the base to do that. A team which...
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